Tony Hawk puts VectraMount towards the test

We spent my youth watching Tony Hawk and his ragtag range of skate buddies within the 80's. We’d pool our money together to visit buy their latest VHS tape.

So, you can imagine how geeked out i was when Tony decided to put our VectraMounts towards the test by using an exhibition GoKart race at Birdhouse Skateboards in CA.

As you can tell he's got two VectraMount GO2X models facing and behind him for maximum coverage.

I’m not sure if someone would consider what they did as racing or not, because he and KevJumba attemptedto steer making use of their knees since they Tweeted to their followers.

The footage that originated from the race was noted as “Awesome” by Tony because the cameras panned and swung as each turn was taken.

We thank Tony and KevJumba for overall awesomeness and we stood a great time at the track using them.


Okay, where’s my bucket list…. ah here it is. #29: Spend time with Tony Hawk..

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